JIM GILLIAND: Smoke and mirrors


What do we really know about Ellis County Judge Carol Lynn Bush?

Well, we know she has out spent her opponent in campaign signs to say the least. She has her pretty face plastered all over the county.

Now let us take a closer look.

Bush’s State Bar Card bears the address of 101 West Main Street, Waxahachie, Texas. That address is the Court House. We know she claims to be living at a house located on the 3000 block of Swan Lake Drive, which is listed in someone else’s name. We can’t locate a divorce decree on line and find her estranged husband lives in North of Dallas.

We know she finagled a $70,000 a year raise to herself and gave two of her closest office aids a $10,000 a year raise, while only giving all other county employees a three-percent raise. We know she micromanages the County Purchasing Department and as a result that department has a higher than normal turnover rate.

We know one individual named Chuck Sullins, Jr., hired to work in purchasing, was tasked to help organize an unstructured department that needed much help.

Sullins spent 26 years working in the logistics area of the United States Coast Guard as a Chief.

His job consisted of purchasing, contracts, property, vehicle management, fuel, credit card assignment. This is what the Ellis County Purchasing Department does, or is supposed to do.

Sullins came from a very structured environment but was held back by Jodi Platt, one of Bush’s minions. Why?

On Feb. 17, 2017, Sullins had an employee evaluation review and was given the maximum raise allowed. Three months later, Sullins was terminated without any previous counseling, or directives. Sullins simply had questioned the wrong person about some things, like certain employee’s misuse of county credit cards and vehicles. He [Sullins] was terminated because he knew too much.

We also know a Homeland Security grant for $558,550 for communications equipment was not spent solely on communications equipment as directed. The grant was assigned to the general fund account of Ellis County and several vehicles were purchased.

Now it is election time, and Bush wants your vote.

When someone takes your money with the stroke of a pen, you cannot blame anyone but yourself for being so nonchalant with the elected officials who control the purse strings.

As in most politicians, it’s all about smoke and mirrors. They do not want you to be aware of what is going on, hence forth the behind closed doors or executive sessions which take place all too often.