Citywide Spring cleanups happening now!


By Rita Cook / The Ellis County Press

HUTCHINS – Every year, cities in the area offer its residents a chance to Spring clean.

While most of the cities celebrated Earth Day last month with a cleanup event, the City of Hutchins will be holding its event this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 300 N. Main Street.

The service is free to residents with a driver’s license and water bill as proof of residence.

Items accepted will include trees limbs and branches, clothing, carpets, furniture, boxes, tagged refrigerators, wood items, fluorescent light tubes, windows without glass, mattresses and box springs, water heaters, washer and dryers and AC units.

It was also noted newly accepted items include video display devices, televisions, monitors, tablets, computers, laptops, cell phones, copiers, cords and cables, keyboards, mice and plasma/LCD screens.

Items not accepted are automotive batteries, chain link rolls, paint or stain, hazardous chemicals, automotive fluids and oils, brick and concrete blocks, radioactive material, animal carcasses, tires, pianos, attic and wall insulation, roofing materials, gravel and asphalt and explosives or ammunition. 

While the city is holding the event, this is in conjunction with Republic Services.

Republic Service notes in a question and answer memo the company is offering electronic recycling this year and items  available for recycling include any outdated electronic devices.

“It is important that residents dispose of electronics properly, according to Republic Services because, if managed improperly and place in landfills electronic waste can release potentially hazardous materials into the environment like lead, nickel, cadmium and mercury.”

  Some of these items can also cause an increase risk of cancer, harm to the kidneys, damage to the brain and cause toxic effects to the nervous system.

Check with your specific city about the next recycling day as many cities hold two events a year in the Spring and the Fall.