ANALYSIS: Ferris extends city manager contract


FERRIS – The Ferris City Council met Monday night, May 7 in Executive Session to hear the findings of the investigation into sexual harassment complaints against City Manager Bill Jordan by Theron Bowman, ie, “The Bowman Group”, and to determine if his contract, based on his performance as city manager would be renewed.

Jordan has been accused of 11 counts of sexual harassment by city employees over the past year.

Those complaints were filed not just with the city, but also with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and are currently being investigated at the federal level.

The city council disregarded the findings of the city’s own investigators and opened their own investigation by hiring The Bowman Group at a cost of $8,000.

In terms of job performance, Jordan’s $12-million bond package to build a new municipal building (which would have raised property taxes 42%) was an EPIC failure, and cost the City of Ferris more than $130,000 before being put to a vote.

The results of Executive Session: Jordan will keep his job as city manager.

The city council set Ferris Texas back in time about 100 years last night.

In today’s, “ME TOO,” “TIMES UP” climate, where ZERO TOLERANCE is setting the stage for much needed changes in the work place, the city government of Ferris remains unfazed by the movement in this country.

Council’s decision sent a loud, clear and concise message to the citizens of Ferris and to the employees of Ferris who submitted claims.

There is no, “ME TOO” movement in Ferris.

Rather, it’s a “don’t tell, don’t report or you will be suspended, reprimanded, humiliated or fired – and that you have no protection except what you provide yourself movement.”

Do you really have to ask yourself why Ferris is not growing faster?

You must look no further than City Hall.

If the city council wanted to build a no-tolerance base for this city, last night was the opportunity of a lifetime. Instead they chose to do as has been done over the past several months – to continue down the path of not the “ME TOO” movement… but the “YOU MIGHT BE NEXT” movement.