Johnson, Willie, 47, criminal trespass.

Sanders, Chad, 40, dwi 3rd.                 

McJunkin, Morgan, 28, intoxication assault, criminal neglect homicide, theft prop over or equal.                 

Cox, William, 28, deadly conduct.

Martinez, Cristian, 19, poss marj < 2 oz.               

Young, Terrance, 21, poss marj < 2oz, burg of veh, burg of veh, burg of veh.

Carson, Lakechia, theft prop.                 

Mitchell, Alyssa, 24, prob viol, dwi 2nd.

Morgan, Taylor, 27, poss cs pg 1 <1g drug free zone, poss marij <2 oz drug free zone, speeding.

Robertson, Deontra, 18, theft prop gt=$100<$750, speeding, fail to secure child under 8, fail to comply with tx mv safe.                    

Vantreese, Cecile, 37, theft prop <$100 w/prev convi.

Pointer, Justin, 35, parole violation.

Salinas, Juan, 24, on view forgery financial instrument.

Tovar, Rebecca, 36, contempt of child support order.

Fahrbach, Robert, 19, criminal trespass.

Vanden, Ryan, 20, criminal trespass.

Wright, Travondaly, 37, poss dangerous drug.

Gardner, Telvin, poss marij <2oz.

Hawkins, Brandon, 21, robbery.

Parker, Gary, 51, assault bodily injury.

Shaw, Makael, 19, theft prop gt=$2,500<$30k.

Baudoin, Trevis, 19, capital murder by terror threat.

Stuart, Laura, 27, dwi/w child under 15 yo.                 

Williams, Zachary, 20, criminal trespass.

Coronado, Jaime, 48, assault class C  (fv).            

Flowers, Jamirion, 19, evading arrest.                

Lopez, Ruben, 19, proh weapon.                  

Flores, Justin, 23, eng in org crim act, eng in org crim act.              

Bleeker, Amanda, 31, speeding 10% or above.                

Williams, Blake, 22, poss marj gt 5lbs<=50lbs.                  

Harwell, Nathan, 27, agg assault date/family/house.

Willit, Christopher, 41, assault public servant.

Nunez, Maria, 24, assault causes bodily injury.

Garza, Richard, 35, unl carring weapon, poss marij.

Emory, Archie, 48, parole violation, cpf-poss marij <2oz.         

Salinas, Amy, 35, theft prop gt=$100<$750.

Davis, Justin, 32, poss marij <2oz, red light/stop line, no valid drivers license, speeding, no drivers license, expired license plates/registr, operate w/o 2 license plates, no valid drivers license, failure to maintain financial, failure to maintain financial, no valid drivers license, speeding, driving w/o drivers license, driving w/o drivers license, failure to maintain financial.

Woods, Demodre, 20, poss marij <2oz.

Beck, Fredrick, 44, DWI 3rd.

Gonzales, Jacob, 26, poss marij <2oz.

Tippit, Michelle, 27, theft of serv gt=$100<$750, warrant-fta Milford PD, warrant-credit Milford PD, poss cs pg 3 < 28g Milford PD.

Bates, Charles, 64, DWI.

Cornell, Labron, 44, speeding, no insurance, exp registration.        

Barton, Joshua, 18, terroristic threat cause fear.

Skinner, Scott, 37, agg kidnapping.

Lowe, Haylee, 25, agg kidnapping.

Ramirez, Sanricar, 25, poss marij <2oz.

Zambrano, Casey, 30, assau< causes bodily injury.

Paden, Tiffany, 32, poss cs pg 1 gt=1g<4g.

Stout, Brandon, 29, unl carrying weapon, proh weapon knuckles, poss marij <2oz, unsafe speed, defective eqipment tail light.         

Cuesta, Carlos, 33, interfer w/public duties.                                 

Perez, Nicole, 28, duty on striking unattended.

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