HUTCHINS: FedEx to pay for Senior’s Rides


By Rita Cook / The Ellis County Press

HUTCHINS – Beginning this week FedEx has agreed to pay for the transportation of Hutchins’ Senior Citizens.  Hutchins City Manager Carl Sherman said.

“Additionally, this transportation agreement will greatly benefit their employees. It is a win-win.”

Indeed, it is a move that sees many winners.

This means Star Transit will be bringing its services to the area.  Star Services is the transportation company the city of Hutchins will be using in conjunction with the city’s Senior Citizens and FedEx.

“This is part of the new benefit of improving transportation for seniors,” Sherman said. 

“And it is 100-percent paid for by FedEx.”

Sherman said a move like this means more businesses could be interested in getting in on the action in Hutchins.

Businesses are not always eager to move into cities without a reliable public transportation system.

This has hindered the area in the past - but no more. Sherman said, “The mayor and city council are very optimistic about what this means for the business community while also offering mobility for workers.”

With hopes that FedEx is just the first step to a long-term public transportation answer in this southern part of Dallas, Sherman added

“We hope to duplicate this deal with other major corporations getting on board.”

For now Star Transit will pick passengers up in front of the city’s Community Center.  Star Transit Service can also connect passengers to DART.

“We are excited about the future for Hutchins,” Sherman concluded. 

“This will also help with more economic development encouraging the new businesses who want public transportation.”