Ferris Coffee with a Cop another success


By Rita Cook / The Ellis County Press

FERRIS – The Ferris Police Department held their third Coffee with a Cop this past weekend with over two dozen folks stopping by to grab a cup and chat.

Held at the I-45 Donuts, Ferris Police Chief Eddie Salazar was in attendance along with several other Ferris police officers.

Ferris Police Chief Eddie Salazar

Salazar said he had anticipated about 30 folks attending, but added “We usually have 10 to 20 citizens attend throughout the event.”

He said the program has continued to grow since the Coffee with a Cop program began.

Hosting the event every other month so as not to overuse the program, Salazar said the idea to sit down and have a cup of coffee with citizens came to him after looking at other agencies Facebook pages.

“Everyone likes a good hot cup of coffee and fresh donuts. What better way to break the ice and get a little dialogue going.

“If you look at our Facebook page, you’ll see pictures from our previous Coffee with a Cop events.

“I really enjoy this particular community policing event. It is a blast.”

Even though it’s a fun time, the ulterior motive for the police department is ultimately to gain public trust. 

“We also want the public to know that we’re approachable,” he added.

“Community Policing bridges the gap that exists between law enforcement and the citizens. The Ferris Police Department’s philosophy is to build as many bridges as possible. Together, we can make a difference.”

The Ferris Police Department also hosts additional events throughout the year as well as upcoming events like Cop on the Block, Citizens Police Academy, Youth Police Academy, Meet Your Neighbor events, National Night Out, Neighborhood Watch meetings and others. 

Salazar stressed he believes community policing is very important.