DUFF HALE: Late-night left-wing lunacy


Remember when late-night hosts were funny?

Johnny Carson and his sidekick Ed McMahon, Karnack and any number of other skits Johnny did? Plus, his monologue was funny as well.

Then Jay Leno came along. Jay’s monologue contained equal opportunity insults directed at Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives alike.

It’s not that way any more.

My wife’s cousin asked me some time ago if I watched Stephen Colbert and I told her that was past my bedtime. One night I fell asleep in my chair – imagine that – and had the misfortune to wake up in the middle of Colbert’s “show” (?) if you dare to call it that. I almost hurled. In my opinion he is disgusting, disgraceful, shameful, and not funny to boot. Besides that he’s a piece of something, just a plain creep. Of course, he thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. He got his start demeaning, disparaging, and denigrating conservatives and his overall intent has not changed. It sure seems to me CBS could have found someone better to replace David Letterman when he retired, and honestly, I never was a big fan of Letterman either.

Jimmy Kimmel is supposed to be a comedian but he’s not funny and like Colbert to my mind is repulsive and reprehensible. On his “show” he asked viewers to take action and demand more restrictions be placed on the right to keep and bear arms. He said Congress and President Trump wouldn’t act because “the NRA has their balls in a money clip.” If this lamebrain had bothered to do a little research he would have found the NRA has clout because of its millions of grassroots members who vote and vote for pro-gun candidates and issues.

Suddenly Kimmel was the darling of left-wing reporters, opinion writers, TV critics and the New York Times who said Kimmel was “acting as a social conscience as he called out politicians, the National Rifle Association and complacent citizens.” Kimmel was not behaving as a moral conscience; he was using a one-sided opinion and his bully pulpit to attack what he perceives as a political opponent and so had morphed into a political pundit.

Kimmel apparently received some blowback from those offended by his ridiculous views and tweeted back, “Dear crazies.” It’s interesting Kimmel’s anger is directed toward gun owners who have never shot anyone.

Other oddballs out there were following suit. Keith Olbermann even called the NRA a “terrorist organization.” Singer Nancy Sinatra tweeted that NRA members should “face a firing squad.”

As far as gun rights are concerned these morons are clueless gunaphobes. People fear what they don’t understand so it probably would help if someone took them to a gun range and allowed them to do a little shooting. They might even discover they are having fun. Perhaps even a trip to the NRA’s Whittington Center would be educational.

Let’s take a look at some FACTS that these people so conveniently overlook. As far as causes of death in the USA in 2016 are concerned, abortion killed 501,325, medical errors killed 115,939, drunk driving killed 15,521 – compared to murder by gun 5,276. Also among top killers were tobacco use 526,000, motor vehicle accidents 34,485 and drug abuse 25,500. According to the FBI, the number one weapon used in violent crime is… a baseball bat. Why aren’t Kimmel and his ilk calling for a ban on baseball bats and calling baseball bat manufacturers “terrorist organizations?” Could it possibly be because so many law-abiding citizens use them safely, for sport?

The conclusion drawn by opensecrets.org was that the strength of the NRA comes from its broad and passionate membership and its mastery of grassroots politics.

Late-night liberals preach to us about not condemning an entire religion (Islam) because a few people commit mass murder, yet they condemn an entire group of legal, responsible gun owners for the deranged actions of a few. One has to wonder what these people are even doing on the air. Probably because the heads of the TV networks are the same type lunatic lefties these numbskulls are.

That whole late night crowd should be arrested, tried and convicted for imitating comedians.