Disk golf course opens


By Melanie Petersen / Red Oak Corespondent

RED OAK – The grand opening of the new disk golf course in Red Oak located at 297 Pecan Creek was held Sept. 9 with the mayor, parks board members and city staff throwing out ceremonial golden discs to welcome the newest sport facility in town.

Red Oak Public Works Director Ray Silva-Reyes, Administrative Assistant Lori McGlothlin, Donna Hugley, Mayor Alan Hugley, Parks and Recreation Commission members , Shandria Kelly, Kay Jones and Kevin Crain threw out ceremonial gold discs to commemorate the opening of the new disc golf facility in Red Oak Sept. 9.

The facility will be open to the public from dawn to dusk every day.

When asked about the process by which this new event area came about Red Oak Public Works Director Ray Silva-Reyes told us, “At one point, the Cherry Creek Nature Preserve hosted a community gardens project that lasted for about two years.

“The gardens did not catch on with the surrounding community, so the nature preserve laid dormant.

“However, a local city resident, Kevin Crain, approached the Parks and Recreation Board with an idea of utilizing the 25-acre area for a new, fun and exciting sport known as disc golf. “This sport was a perfect fit for the Nature Preserve area.

“The parks board was also excited about the new support and made a recommendation to city council to approve the expenses necessary to convert the Nature Preserve into 9-hole disc golf facility.  

The disc golf sport will have a low development impact on the Nature Preserve which is why this location is ideal to facilitate this sport.  

City council unanimously approved the expenses for the 9-hole disc conversion at the Nature Preserve.

All the disc golf improvements were completed in late July of 2017.