Cactus Reclamation Services thinks clean in Wilmer


By Rita Cook / The Ellis County Press

WILMER – It is a project in the City of Wilmer in the works for the past few years. According to a memo to Michael Miracle, City of Wilmer’s Economic Development Executive Director from Cactus Reclamation Services’ attorney, the company has been working with the City for the past three years to develop plans for this facility.

Now those plans are very close to coming to fruition.

Michael Wasserman, Cactus Reclamation Services Managing Member said, “Cactus Reclamation Services is in the process of constructing a water reclamation facility that takes contact water and liquids that do not meet TPDES requirements.  After having been processed through our facility the resulting effluent will meet TPDES requirements.”

This means, according to Wasserman, after going through the process the water or liquid will then pass the resulting requirement’s test allowing it to pass the city and state requirements. 

The liquid or water can then be further processed at the Dallas Water Utility Treatment Plant or be used in another approved process.

In other words, the company is playing a part in the bigger picture when it comes to a cleaner environment.

Wasserman said this is the company first location with the intent to employee between 7 and 11 employees in the Wilmer facility.

“This facility will serve the needs of businesses located within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas,” Wasserman said. 

“Being able to provide a safe place for businesses to process their liquids and waters ensures that this is not illegally disposed or used in an unapproved process.  “Additionally, these are waters and liquids that would otherwise be unusable and could be solidified and permanently stored at landfill. “We provide a reclamation solution rather than a permanent location.”

The company is still working with the city and other companies to provide the infrastructure needed to the Wilmer South Corridor, where Cactus Reclamation Services will be located. 

As soon as those plans are finalized Wasserman said the building process will begin.

“We don’t have a hard date for when we break ground,” he said. “But we hope to have the facility operational by second quarter of 2018.”

The Wilmer Economic Development Commission is involved in the project too, but the final building cost is not tallied up yet. The EDC did approve the company’s request for assistance with building the necessary sewer infrastructure.

So far there is a Preliminary Plat application that will be submitted to the city soon for approval and there will be a building permit application to begin the building process.

Wasserman concluded the company chose Wilmer as the location because “we received great feedback from the city and local community,” he said. “One of our priorities when choosing a city was that we wanted to be a community member and make a difference.  We didn’t want a location, we wanted a home. Wilmer was receptive to our idea and to our ultimate goal of creating a better environment. There was a sense of community and cohesion that we thought made Wilmer the perfect home.”